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The Legacy Project


The Stories We Share

It is not uncommon for a Person, a Diagnosis, or a Discontentment to seek counseling due to a feeling of disconnection.  In our fragmented society, it is far easier to isolate than it is to be engaged.  Societies used to have a communal experiences - like storytelling - by which we constructed our identities, moralities, and cultural agreements.  Now, we are made to fall inline with dominant social narratives often created for us, instead of by us.  

Therapy can be just that venue to explore the ways society has created us in their image.  And by exploring, we can rewrite the story of who we are and what we are meant to do.  

Using a Narrative Therapy approach, I help clients redefine the direction of their lives by uncovering the subjugated desires they want to enact.  Those virtuous and compelling hopes they have for a purposeful life, devoid of Addictions' standards, cultural appropriations, and dominant specifications of who they "should" be.  

This is an imaginative and communal approach to therapy that often incorporates people from various circles of a person's life, such that a therapeutic conversation can speak truth into everyone's life in the room, on trail, during a ceremony, or in a nature-based family session.

MY style: village therapy

They say "it takes a village to raise a child."  Well, I believe it takes a village to make big decisions and to live a good life too.  So, during my work with those who consult me I bring their supportive communities into session, introduce them to others who are suffering as they are, and in general attempt to be a conduit of connection of between people making meaning in their lives. Together.


About me

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MY NAME IS Anthony

I began working in the field of psychotherapy 12 years ago.  Beginning in wilderness therapy, I recognized counseling as a venue for people who co-create meaning from the suffering they have endured when connected with a caring community.  My work then migrated to residential treatment and community-based therapeutic mentoring.  I have never tired of hearing how people express their life, nor their invitation to me to be a part of the re-authoring of their life stories.

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