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Life does not always hold space for the deep experiences we have. Together, we can create moments that recognize the events that shift our lives.

  • Grieving (miscarriages, deaths, divorces, breakups)

  • Celebration (births)

  • Rites of passage (solos)


“Spark of life”

Matt+Kimmy lost their first child just months into the pregnancy. Friends and family mourned with them, and they planted a tree in the child’s honor. Then, six months later and pregnant for a second time, they Kimmy carried their second child for 3 months, before losing that one too. Not sure how to reground after the second loss, Matt reached out in anticipation of their first child’s due date. Another healer joined the three of us and we revisited the grief that left the couple somewhere between numb+enraged—usually one or the other. Poems, gifts, nursery decorations, and watering the tree planted in honor of their first child lead to much needed tears and conversations too fearful for the two of them to being with each other.

5 months after the ceremony, Matt+Kimmy were pregnant again, and hesitant to hope. But their third child was born help and healthy and more miraculously than anything the couple could have imagined.

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“miracle Man”

April 29, 2017 - Zach Liibbe died. My best friend fell from a rock climb and land feet away from his wife, who was belaying. His heart ruptured, his lungs collapsed, and his brain was traumatized from the blunt force impact. After coding for 6 minutes, LIfeFlight was able to resuscitate and lift him to a Level 1 trauma center. One year later Zach ran a half marathon up a 14er, and we had the ceremony to remember the time we got our friend back…

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“The Breakup”

We were still in love when we broke up. So grateful for the time we had together. But our relationship had served us for the time it was meant to. In the end we took a week—a “breakup week”—to enjoy the last days we had together. And at the end of the week, we had a breakup ceremony. It was a two-part recognition of the memories we shared, the gratitude we had for each other, and the inside jokes that would be ours forever. We also recognized my path and her path, and that they were diverging. We offered each other gifts for our respective journeys and enjoyed our relationships traditions one last time before parting.